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Why Choose React js For Web Development?

Why Choose React js For Web Development?

When a company starts working on a new project, its primary concern is a set of tools that will enable it to complete the project quickly and efficiently. JavaScript is considered the most popular language for front-end development, as it has broad functionality and provides a wide choice of development tools.

When deciding on the JavaScript framework, the choice is always in favor of the three dynamic tools: Angular, React js, and Vue Js. Based on the expertise of a trusted web development company, let’s figure out the benefits of React js for web development.

React Overview

React.js is a JavaScript framework for developing interactive user interfaces created by Facebook in 2013. A clear feature of the framework is that React is a JavaScript library. However, the tool can be used without other services due to its wide functionality.

According to the statistics, this tool continues to gain an audience actively and gather around itself a large community. Besides that, thanks to the support of Facebook, the future of React is likely to be confident and bright.

Let’s look at the common features of the technology:

  • Virtual DOM. React utilizes virtual DOM, the representation of the actual DOM. This enables developers to enhance front-end performance without “interaction” with heavy DOM.
  • Component-based architecture. React is a component-based, fast, and lightweight tool.
  • Rich interfaces. The technology offers a wide range of tools for creating a user interface.
  • Large developer communities. React has an active community, which means you can easily find support when facing some issues.
  • Extensive development tools. React is equipped with a number of valuable tools and libraries, which significantly enhances the development process.

Major Reasons To Choose React js For Your Project

Let’s analyze this technology from other essential perspectives.


With React, developers create web applications that change the display without reloading the page. Thanks to this, applications quickly respond to user actions, such as filling out forms, applying filters, adding products to the cart, and so on.

Moreover, React has good performance on the client side, allowing you to

  • create more interactive animation
  • carry out complex calculations
  • create offline applications that allow you to work when you lose your Internet connection
  • create the most sensitive forms and tables that do not require a page reload.


One of the major selling points of React is scalability. Because React applications are purely JavaScript (TypeScript), developers can use traditional code organization methods to scale the project.

User interface

Unlike conventional websites, a React js-based application is an opportunity to create an interactive product in which the interface reacts as quickly as possible to any action of the platform visitor. It also allows you to implement more complex interactive interface elements compared to the implementation on the website.

Mobile development

When a web app is written with React, and you need a mobile application with the same functionality, you can use React Native. Since the technologies are similar, and some of the React components can be reused, the platform will allow you to quickly create a cross-platform mobile application for Android and iOS without attracting other specialists.

If components cannot be reused, it won’t take much time to obtain React Native skills since both tools share the same base.

Large developer pool

React is one of the leading front-end frameworks and libraries. Therefore, a lot of developers are studying it. Finding a React developer is generally easier than finding an Angular or Vue developer.

React is the best option for creating:

  • admin panel;
  • dashboards (statistics with infographic elements);
  • CRM systems;
  • applications with complex logic;
  • online stores and trading platforms;
  • social media.

If you want to create one of these solutions, be sure to contact a trusted technology partner with highly skilled developers.

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