Friday, September 29, 2023

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Wearable payments brand RingPay lands on Amazon

RingPay by McLEAR, a smart ring that enables users to make contactless payments, is now available for purchase on Amazon UK. The ring offers a fast, secure, and convenient payment experience without the need for a phone or battery charging.


  • RingPay by McLEAR, the smart ring that enables users to pay for things with a wave of the hand, launches for sale on Amazon UK this month.
  • RingPay can be used anywhere that allows contactless payment, such as restaurants, supermarkets, and transportation.
  • RingPay is set up and managed using the accompanying RingPay mobile app.
  • Users can add any Visa or Mastercard, debit or credit card to the app as a funding source and choose to top up a fixed amount or set up auto top-up.
  • RingPay operates securely on the VISA network and offers a freeze feature in the RingPay app to instantly freeze the ring if it’s lost or misplaced.
  • RingPay by McLEAR is currently the only smart ring offering contactless payment on Amazon.
  • McLEAR, headquartered in London

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