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The psychology of video slot players


Gambling attracts many people for a variety of reasons, so it is not surprising that scientists try to explain why gamblers play a certain way.

Video slots are one of the easiest, but also the most challenging games to play. Thus, it can be said that some gamblers are put off by it, while others are attracted to it. Nevertheless, given that slots are present in almost all online casino sites where they can also be played in demo mode. So it’s worth it for everyone to try this game.

BestAuCasinosOnline tells what skills and psychological aspects are important for gamblers who want to conquer video slots. Let’s outline a few myths and thinking mistakes that tend to prevent players from getting the gambling experience right.

Prediction skill

It’s worth realising that there’s no sense at all in predicting the spinning of the reels in this game of chance. Nevertheless, some gamblers still believe that they have enough skill to predict the occurrence of a particular combination. This leads to a lot of losses and frustration in the game, which can lead to a kind of tilt, like in poker.

The probability of predicting a particular combination is 10 to the power of 70. Nevertheless, there is an opinion among players that more experienced players are luckier because they participate when they get lucky. This is only a myth.

Number of reels

Many players choose reels because of psychological factors. Usually, beginners, and those who are afraid of taking risks, usually choose three-reel slots, as they believe that they will win more often, but this is not true.

The frequency of winnings depends on volatility, regardless of the number of reels. Nevertheless, from a purely psychological point of view, experienced gamblers are more likely to choose five-reel slots. Seven reel and nine reel video slots are played by experienced gamblers, as they are very intimidating for beginners, as the large number of symbols and combinations is quite difficult to learn, so it will be difficult for the player to control the game.


Researchers have determined that almost any player chooses a slot based on their preference for visuals. Every year, the companies that create casino software release a huge number of different slots, so every player will find one that they like best.

For many players, video slots are a way to unwind after a hard day, so it’s no surprise that they choose the theme that suits them best. There are many themes at the moment, such as movie slots for movie buffs or holiday style slots, which are most relevant during these holidays.


Even though players choose the slots they prefer, there are still players who study the parameters. It is worth noting that learning the nuances of slots is not that difficult and does not take much time. Once a player understands how a given gambling game works, they can enjoy the advantages and disadvantages of slots.

The psychology of video slot players

The RTP is, obviously, one of the most important aspects of slots. Return To Player (RTP) is an abbreviation for the amount (typically represented as a percentage) that a slot machine rewards players for a significant number of spins. For example, a slot with a 97% RTP will pay out €97 for every €100 spent. As a result, this information helps you to determine how much money you may lose by playing a specific slot machine.

The higher this figure, the better. Usually the percentage of the return of the lost money in this game of chance reaches as much as 98%. Determining which variance is appropriate is more difficult, as a lot depends on the player’s style and bankroll.

Jackpot and bonuses

Research shows that most gamblers start playing this game in order to hit the jackpot. The dream of becoming rich and changing your life for the better probably haunts everyone. Thus, it is not surprising that players choose slots with jackpot possibilities.

Also, gamers believe that they will have a better chance of success if they receive large bonuses from the casino. It’s hardly a surprise nowadays, but there are plenty of rewards to be found on online gambling sites. In addition to the first deposit and loyalty bonus, gamblers can get freespins as well as the use of a wild symbol, which will allow for higher odds.

How to act so that video slots bring only positive emotions

Make sure you read the recommendations for new players and follow the simple rules:

  • Visit a fastest payout casino with a good reputation. Before registering at one of the institutions, it is worth studying the reviews about it;
  • Do not make large deposits and do not set high stakes at the stage of acquaintance with the gambling club. Alternatively, you could test the slots on the payout level for free, and only then register;
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions for receiving bonuses. Failure to meet one of the requirements will result in the gift not being received. Usually, a welcome bonus is awarded when a player deposits a certain amount of money, wagering the wager bonus, and doing so within a set time frame.

These three recommendations will protect you from unnecessary financial expenses and allow you to choose a site thoughtfully.


Bad experiences at casinos can leave an ugly taste in your mouth and cast doubt on the fairness of all online clubs. In fact, there is only one reason — the institution was not chosen correctly to play. It is worth studying customer reviews and registering at those sites that are in good standing with the players. Therefore, the key to a successful stay in the casino – a sensible approach to the choice of site to play, and no myths!

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