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New digital-only bridging lender Morpheus launches in the UK

Morpheus Digital-Only Bridging Lender Launches in the UK:

  • Founders:
    • Co-founded by Matt Mawdesley (former head of strategy at Together) and Lee Jones (co-founder of Sedulo).
  • Mission:
    • Aims to provide efficient funding services for corporate, commercial, and property professionals.
    • Focuses on improving the specialist lending space with a digital and efficient experience.
  • Services:
    • Offers bridging loans up to £750,000.
    • Utilizes digital KYC, due diligence checks, open banking, and biometric authentication to streamline the process.
    • Claims to significantly reduce the time to secure funding from the sector average of 58 days.
  • Technology:
    • Developed a bespoke property valuation tool using data analytics and AI.
    • The tool eliminates the need for paper with embedded electronic signatures and automation for brokers and clients.
  • Funding and Goals:
    • Secured strong funding.
    • Committed to simplifying the customer journey through technology.

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