Friday, September 29, 2023

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Gilles BianRosa steps down as CPO of N26 to pursue career in the US

Gilles BianRosa steps down as Chief Product Officer (CPO) of N26 to become Chief Operating Officer at a US-based company. 🏦 Despite leaving his CPO role, BianRosa will join N26’s supervisory board. 🚀 During his tenure, he led N26’s product initiatives, expanded the team, and enhanced platform scalability.


  • Gilles BianRosa is leaving his position as CPO at N26 to pursue a different role as the Chief Operating Officer at an undisclosed US-based company.
  • He started as CPO at the Berlin-based bank in March 2021.
  • Under his leadership, he built a robust product and user experience (UX) team, comprising over 100 employees and 700 engineers and developers.
  • He played a pivotal role in launching various local product initiatives, including N26 Crypto in Europe, the Spanish payments platform Bizum, and integration with iDEAL in the Netherlands.
  • BianRosa focused on enhancing the bank’s platform scalability by implementing automation, improving customer onboarding, and strengthening anti-money laundering and fraud prevention measures.
  • He also contributed to developing N26’s broader product strategy and roadmap.
  • Gilles BianRosa’s appointment to N26’s supervisory board brings a global product innovation perspective, according to Marcus Mosen, the chair of the bank’s supervisory board.
  • Valentin Stalf, N26’s CEO, expects BianRosa to play a role in steering N26’s product-led culture.

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