Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Deutsche Börse set to take over wealthtech firm SimCorp

Deutsche Börse is set to finalize its €3.9 billion acquisition of SimCorp, a Danish investment management software company, with plans to delist SimCorp from the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.


  • Deutsche Börse has acquired 93.97% of SimCorp’s share capital and voting rights through a recent all-cash transaction.
  • The deal is scheduled to close on 29 September, and Deutsche Börse intends to buy out remaining minority shareholders, gaining complete control of SimCorp.
  • Deutsche Börse plans to delist SimCorp from Nasdaq Copenhagen and remove its shares from official listing.
  • The acquisition aims to merge SimCorp’s data with Deutsche Börse’s investment management solution, resulting from the consolidation of Qontigo and Institutional Shareholder Services.
  • This acquisition aligns with Deutsche Börse’s strategic goal to expand its investment management business and follows its previous takeover of Kneip Communication.
  • SimCorp’s partnership with Qontigo in September 2021 paved the way for this acquisition, enhancing the optimization of its investment management system Dimension.
  • Deutsche Börse’s CEO, Theodor Weimer, anticipates long-term growth, significant synergies, and increased recurring revenues through this acquisition and subsidiary consolidation.

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