Friday, September 29, 2023

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Bonifii’s new identity credential completes pilot with Lone Star Credit Union

BonifiID, developed by Bonifii in collaboration with GlobaliD, successfully completed a proof of concept (PoC) with Lone Star Credit Union, streamlining identity verification for new account holders. It plans to expand to other US credit unions, offering enhanced financial inclusion.


  • Bonifii, a Denver-based credit union service organization, completed a PoC with Lone Star Credit Union in Dallas, Texas, using BonifiID and a GlobaliD digital wallet.
  • BonifiID aims to simplify onboarding processes for credit unions, banks, and financial institutions while reducing the risk of fraud.
  • The product is particularly beneficial in communities with limited access to paper documents or plastic cards, promoting financial inclusion.
  • Janusea integration platform enables legacy system compatibility for wider adoption.
  • John Ainsworth, CEO of Bonifii, highlights the fading need for traditional identity documents, emphasizing the importance of simplifying the identity verification process.
  • Vadim Slavin, head of product at GlobaliD, emphasizes the empowerment of individuals with verifiable proof of identity, increasing access to traditional financial services.

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