Yandex Advancing E-commerce in Russia

Yandex Advancing E-commerce in Russia

Yandex Advancing E-commerce in Russia with two new e-commerce platforms

  • Yandex is a technology company that builds intelligent products and services powered by machine learning
  • The e-commerce platform Beru offers purchases from multiple categories and Bringly brings cross-border shopping for consumers
  • Yandex and Sberbank have been operating the Beru platform in beta since June 2018, fulfilling over 180,000 orders
  • Beru launched to the Russian market, featuring over 1,000 retailers and 600 shopping categories from household appliances to cosmetics
  • Bringly has just gone live and will house the site’s most popular goods in a Latvia-based warehouse to expedite shipping
  • “The Russian e-commerce market is still developing and has incredible potential for both domestic goods and cross-border sales,” says Maxim Grishakov, CEO of Yandex