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What is Fantom (FTM) crypto and what are the top crypto trends?


Fantom is a smart contract platform open-source for digital assets and dApps. If seen, this is the original crypto of the Fantom Network; Where the systems commonly used to vote, place bets, make payments on the platform and cover transaction fees are available. On the other hand, in contrast to how the year has started for crypto, crypto is seen moving forward rapidly because if seen, by the start of the second quarter of the year, the worldwide inventory will arrive at around 190 billion. Apart from Fantom, other trending coins with high potential include IMPT Dash 2 Trade and Calvaria. For a secure trade, you can trust the platform https://www.qumasai.org/ which is used by many trading professionals.

What is Fantom (FTM)?

Fantom is an open-source savvy contract stage for advanced resources and dApps. It is the first digital money of the Fantom Organization; The network used to cast a ballot, put down wagers, cover transaction expenses, and make instalments on the platform. However, the market capitalization of Fantom Coins has recently dropped to around $680,625,498.60. Moreover, so far Fantom has experienced a change of -87.32%. However, if you have 500,000 FTM you can stake your tokens to become a validator on the Fantom open network. Also, if you have more than 1 FTM, you can give your token to any other person and also get incentives like staking.

Get to know some of the outstanding features of Fantom Coin

  • Any transaction in FTM takes place at a very fast pace, which takes at most one second.
  • It is viable with Universe SDK and is ordinarily used to make another network.
  • It is also compatible with EVMs and can be used to transfer their tools and your apps if seen.

Why Is FTM increasing?

Despite many reasons, the three significant reasons why FTM is rising is that firstly according to the FTM foundation, its organization is accountable for marking up high marketing and development of Fantom.  Although it was announced that there are 380 million FTM incentives for originators who can maintain and enhance the TVL on the blockchains. Although it implies a significant impact on both parties because Defi’s initial projects required more financial support and incentives to flourish the business. Moreover, as per the trend of TVL, those developers who are responsible for launching on the blockchain platform will be able to apply for 2-6 million FTM tokens. And it would be the reason for the high gain for the respective coins.

Top trending cryptos with high potential

Let’s look at other trending cryptos with a lot more potential than Fantom:

Dash to Trade (D2T)

This platform enables traders to accomplish goals that were previously unimaginable. That’s where the concept for this brand-new endeavor has been developed by the Learn2Trade project team. The Dash 2 Trade platform has been developed by these experts as well as the D2T token is used as a membership coin. What is worth noting though is that when it is fully released, Dash 2 Trade Coin may fly by, which is evident in all of its achievements as it is on pre-sale.

Polygon (matic)

Currently, Matic continues to grow, with week-over-week growth of up to 14.1%. However, over some time, in the last two weeks, MATIC has been on a rapid rise. That’s after Meta revealed that Instagram users are continuing to send and generate NFTs on the blockchain, pumped by Matic. Currently, however, Meta is attempting to test the sale and minting of NFTs on social networking platforms.

Calvaria (RIA)

Speaking of Calvaria in Trending Coins, it is attracting more and more crowds and is being used by more and more crypto investors. Calvaria is a play-to-earn gaming platform with coins that allow players to play games without earning any money. It is unique because of the thrill it brings, which can be kept longer than other coins.

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