Wealthtech start-up Alpheya receives investment from BNY Mellon and Lunate

  • Investment Announcement: BNY Mellon and Lunate invest $300 million in Alpheya, a new wealthtech start-up.
  • Location and Focus: Alpheya, based in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), aims to develop a customized wealth management technology platform for the MENA region, starting operations in 2024.
  • Services Offered: Alpheya plans to provide end-to-end digital solutions, including client onboarding, financial planning, portfolio construction, trading, rebalancing, risk management reporting, and analytics.
  • Open Data Architecture: Alpheya intends to leverage open data architecture to meet data privacy and localized requirements in the Middle East.
  • Stakeholder Comments: Roger Rouhana, CEO of Alpheya, emphasizes the platform’s role in enabling scalable and client-centric growth for regional wealth managers. Akash Shah, Chief Growth Officer of BNY Mellon, highlights leveraging BNY Mellon’s expertise and network.
  • Minority Share: In addition to the investment, BNY Mellon holds a minority share in Alpheya.
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