Friday, September 29, 2023

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UniCredit and Mastercard extend payments partnership

UniCredit and Mastercard have announced a global expansion of their payment partnership, marking the first time a large commercial bank in Europe has implemented a single card multi-market strategy. The partnership aims to deliver payment innovation, enhanced digital experiences, and increased payment choice to customers. Additionally, both parties are committed to advancing environmental and social sustainability through collaborative projects.


  • UniCredit and Mastercard have extended their payment partnership globally.
  • This marks the first implementation of a single-card multi-market strategy by a large commercial bank in Europe.
  • The partnership aims to deliver payment innovation and enhanced digital experiences to customers.
  • UniCredit’s 13 banks will collaborate as one institution, utilizing Mastercard’s expertise in the card payment space.
  • The partnership emphasizes tangible actions in environmental and social sustainability, focusing on common ESG goals.
  • UniCredit will provide a simplified core product proposition and optimized digital experience for cardholders.
  • Both parties are committed to the digitalization of payments and enhancing security measures for customers.

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