Fintonic partnered with Amazon

Fintonic partnered with Amazon

Fintonic partnered with Amazon in Spain

  • Fintonic is a consumer-focused financial management app that aggregates all of an individual’s financial accounts to offer a single view of overall financial health
  • Amazon is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company
  • Fintonic also presents relevant loan and insurance offers through a free brokerage service
  • Before making their Amazon purchase
    • users must first go to the Fintonic app apply for the credit buy an Amazon gift card
    • gift card can be used for multiple Amazon purchases and the balance is good for a maximum of ten years
    • To apply for the credit, Fintonic users select the gift card amount and choose when they plan to pay the balance
    • Fintonic uses its FinScore, a score between zero and 900 that is determined by more than 160 factors about a user’s creditworthiness
    • Users with a score of 450 or higher are eligible for the Amazon