Openbank launches investment robo-advisor


Openbank: Unveiled its investment robo-advisor and some new features

  • The bank says its architecture system offers more than 2,000 funds and ETFs from more than 50 fund managers and 35 pension plans from five managers
  • The first bank in the world to offer its customers a password and data manager completely free of charge
  • It has released a new account aggregator Something that’s become common among banks that are keen to outwit fintechs
  • In addition, it has launched a new card control and device management service
  • Customers can view data from their accounts, loans, mortgages, insurance, deposits and investment products in other banks
  • On the bank’s website and app, a dashboard is now available where customers can adjust, This means a customer can choose to have their cards blocked on a particular country and can later unblock them in a minute if they travel there