Money manager app Mint Has a Fresh New Look on iOS


Mint is updating the iOS app with a refreshed look and feel that features a sleek design, added benefits, and a simplified view 

  • Mintsights will be live to iOS users in the next few months
  • The company is also rolling out Mintsights, a new feature to help iOS users stay on top of their budget
  • The updated design will reorganize financial data, ultimately cutting down on steps you must take to find information and elevating the most important information for your finances
  • Current Mint users will continue to enjoy existing features including bill tracking, budgeting, savings, investments, and checking your credit scores
  • Intuit acquired Mint on 2009
  • While Mint has remained fairly quiet since its introduction of Mint Bills in December 2016, the company has stayed focused on the consumer-facing side of its business, publishing blog posts and adding investment, credit, insurance, and lending offers targeting millennials