Mbanq: Launches its First Banking-as-a-Service Accelerator


Mbanq Launches its First Banking-as-a-Service Accelerator

  • Aims to create a global network for FinTech innovation,fostering cooperation and exchange on the global scale and attracting best of breed innovators
  • Launch of the Banking as a Service accelerator is in partnership with regional partners such as Life Sreda VC, Arival Bank and IBM Blockchain
  • Program is the key driver for ecosystem development encompassing FinTechs, Banks, Academia and Regulators across different continents
  • Mbanq BAASIS accelerator focuses on FinTechs in the following categories like Banking products and solutions,Payments,Regulatory and compliance,Analytics,KYC and CRM
  • Industry expertise and client successes enable startups to launch new products directly on core banking technology to gain access to Mbanq existing