Mariner’s Bank: Selects Digital Onboarding, Inc.’s account activation platform

Mariners DigitalOnboarding Platform

Mariner’s Bank selected Digital Onboarding, Inc. to simplify the onboarding process for new customers

  • Mariner’s Bank: US-based independent community bank operates in Bergen County, in New Jersey
  • Digital Onboarding, a Software-as-Service (SaaS) technology company motivates customers and members to adopt account-related services
  • Digital Onboarding helps customers to fully utilize their new accounts
  • The platform doesn’t require core banking system integration most importantly its fully automated new account activation features helped during bidding
  • The platform will decrease the time the staff spends dealing with forms and more time serving customers
  • The onboarding process involves three steps enrol in online banking, download the mobile app, and sign up for direct deposit