Judo Capital gets $350m funding

Judo Capital gets $350m funding

Judo Capital gets $350m funding from Credit Suisse

  • Judo Capital is an Australian Non-bank financial institution(NBFI) focuing on small and medium-sized enterprise(SME) lending
  • The firm is a disrupter for traditional SME business lending and strategy is to back entrepreneurs to help them grow
  • Judo Capital is edging towards a bank licence with the help of funding
  • Judo has a high-quality management team and a scalable business model
  • David Hornery, co-founder and co-CEO of Judo, says the facility will provide further depth to Judo’s funding for Australian SMEs “Since Judo’s launch earlier this year, demand for our relationship focused SME lending has surged because we actually take the time to understand the strength of the whole business”