India Post Payments Bank chosen FSS payments

India Post Payments Bank chosen FSS payments

India Post Payments Bank chosen FSS payments-in-a-box solution as it targets rural households, SMEs and women

  • IPPB launched last month creates a ready market of consumers eager to partake new products and services
  • Financial Software and Systems (FSS) is a global leader in payments technology and transaction processing, offering business value in the areas of electronic payments
  • FSS’s omni-channel solution enables micro-merchants to accept payments over any channels like online, UPI, QR codes, Aadhaar and IPPB accounts
  • FSS merchant management and merchant settlement solutions used in onboarding fee calculation, reconciliation and settlement
  • IPPB is under the Department of Post, Ministry of Communications, with 100% equity owned by Government of India
  • IPPB says it will create and link 170 million postal savings bank (PSB), raised an investment of INR 14.5 billion