Bolero: Ties up with CTBC Bank and Everline

Bolero: Ties up with CTBC Bank and Everline

Bolero: Ties up three-way trade digitisation deal with Taiwan-based bank CTBC Bank and Everline

  • CTBC signed up Bolero and its electronic trade digitisation platform, part of a partnership alongside container shipping firm Evergreen Line
  • CTBC Bank is the first bank in Taiwan to take up the Bolero platform
  • In 2018 Evergreen also introduced a new paperless Bill of Lading (i-B/L) and dispatch documentation service
  • Evergreen the first container carrier to integrate with Bolero’s proven electronic Bill of Lading (eBL) solution
  • Evergreen and CTBC are also aiming to drive the digitisation of global trade
  • Their export clients will be also able to transact bills of lading safer, smarter and faster