Axyon AI raises €1.3m funding

Axyon AI raises €1.3m funding

Axyon AI raises €1.3m funding in Series A round of funding with UniCredit and ING Ventures, the venture capital arm of ING Bank

  • Axyon AI leverages the most recent advancements in deep learning to create bespoke business applications for capital markets and asset management
  • Using the funding Axyon will boost growth and its product offering, as well as support additional investment in research and development
  • Axyon offers SynFinance, an AI-powered platform that identifies the investors who are most likely to participate in a syndicated loan
  • SynFinance is as a web-based application that delivers liquidity analysis and market insights directly to financial professionals
  • “Corporate and investment banks need to analyse large and complex sets of financial data to provide their clients with valuable advice The data is often fragmented, and extracting value remains a painful manual process,” says Daniele Grassi, CEO of Axyon