Airwallex: Your Global Business Account

Airwallex: A global business account, built for the modern business with the following features


  • Reach new markets with foreign currency accounts
  • Open business accounts in EUR, GBP, AUD & USD within minutes
  • Seamlessly connect your business accounts with popular platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify and PayPal.
  • Pay out in the same currency, or convert and withdraw in USD using outstanding FX rates.


  • Airwallex allows to send fast payments across the globe, without excessive fees
  • Spend less on FX fees and more on growth
  • Make payments in 23 currencies, into over 130 countries and counting.
  • Save time by scheduling payments in bulk. Upload recipient and currency lists in .csv format.


  • Issue new virtual payment cards in seconds. Change spend limits and revoke access, all from our online platform.
  • Eliminate costly foreign transaction fees from your card statements.
  • Grant each team member their own Borderless Card so they can purchase the supplies needed to get the job done.
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