ADGM: Home to a newly established $1 billion fund


ADGM: Home to a newly established $1 billion fund,Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners

  • The new enterprise pursue opportunities that satisfy a mandate of establishing a hub for pioneering companies to locate at ADGM
  • To generate attractive returns while having a positive impact on the ADGM ecosystem
  • Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners seeks to realize commercial returns by partnering with top tier and up-and -coming investment firms
  • Four key investment principles guide Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners
    • To positively impact the financial ecosystem
    • Build on Abu Dhabi’s and ADGMs completive advantages
    • Meet target return
    • Create sustainable jobs in ADGM
  • The fund will be backed by Mubadala Investment Company with the endeavor to leverage Mubadala’s networks locally
  • Firm will also work with Mubadala investment teams and portfolio companies to pursue ADGM-related opportunities